Wijaya Childrens' paper joined with us to distribute this magnificent booklet regarding building a small laboratory at home using easy to find items. Dr. Upali N. Jayamaha, Incorporator of CONSOLIDATED RESEARCH SYSTEMS, LLC, USA. Sponsored us to make this a success.

More than 120,000 regular readers benefited from this and we received a huge feedback from mostly parents, thanking for encouraging their childrens' minds towards science. View the online version of the published book FROM HERE.

What is Sciencerays ?

Remember the way you touched the world the nature, the books and machines through which you saw,you felt, you learnt science from there you learnt how the world turns, how your clock runs,

And look at you today ,you are proud of what you are with what you got from science,

And now,look at the children today, with so many fences to limit them, Most their minds locked in the hands of poverty, they are underfunded,underguided, underloved,

But we see the glow in their eyes, That shines,when they see the rays of science, The same magic that gave you the power,to your life,

We,the Unit for Science Dissemination, are here to help them enjoy curiosity, the practical sense of science,

We work to help them unleash, their best and the brightest ideas, they have the power to explore, with a blend to science throughout their lives,

And now they need you, Its the time to join us, help our country, the children and science, because they deserve a great science education.

Our Vision

Inculcate Science literacy and Scientific temper among school
teachers, students and the general public